Buying guide for trampolines

A trampoline is not only for your kid but can be the best exercise tool for adults. So if you planning to buy one here are some of tips that can help in making a choice:

  1. Before buying:
  • Make sure that the plain is straight and doesn’t have any hindrances. Make sure that the ground is clear. Hard surfaces are not preferred as it will cause damage to the trampoline with time.
  • It should have some clearance from the ground and 24 feet above. Make sure that there are not objects placed underneath.
  • Make sure that there are no nearby fences, bushes trees and houses around it.
  1. Decide on the shape: Circular trampolines are best option when it comes to backward trampolines. Octagonal trampolines give larger jumping area whereas rectangular trampolines are for people who are into gymnastics.
  2. Buy all the accessories: Make sure that you got all the required accessories. You may require two adults when assembling all the parts. Make sure you have all the trampoline support structures like poles, arches and fiberglass. You can check if the trampoline comes with an enclosure ring for safety and cover to protect the trampoline from sun and rain.
  3. Read the reviews: You can read about the different trampolines at before making a choice. This will give you an idea on what will fit your requirement.
  4. Read the safety guidelines: Read about the safety instructions about the product at
  5. Check the weight capacity: Check up to what weight the trampoline has to capacity to hold. Don’t over use it as it can cause injury if people with weight more than the capacity use it.
  6. Check the price: You can find many options in reasonable prices. You can compare the prices of different types and get the best in your budget.