Cent Sports: Legal Alternative to Online Gambling

Cent sports are considered to be perfect online legal gambling site founded by Victor Palmer. The headquarters is located at College Station, Texas. Online gambling is said to be illegal with presence of three elements to violate the state gambling laws. These are prize, chance, and lastly consideration. But in cent sports, it does not allow its user to bet on their own money, hence, consideration aspect of gambling law is not violated.

Cent sports site is a profitable company that earns its profit from the sponsors of the advertisement that is shown on the site. Hence, the users are allowed to play for free without spending any penny from their own pocket. Each user has to start with only 10 cents to bet, which is also provided by cent sports. The user only has to register with email id.

cent sports

Once the user earn at least 20 dollars in their winnings, they can cash out the winning. The user will receive the check in the mail. The advantage of this site is that the losers risk nothing, they can start all over again with just 10 cents. Users can also earn money by referring their friends to centsports.com. They get an incentive of 5% of the winnings of the invited friend.

The company aims its profit through advertisers. There are huge advertisers who sponsor the centsports site, namely, Skype, the National Basketball Association, Pizza Hut, to name a few. There are many marketing budget companies that consist to invest the 10 cent stakes for initial betting and there are few teaser videos on YouTube. The initial investment of Palmer, had gone to cover the lease on the computer server of dollar 5 a month.

The founder of the company Victor Palmer stated that the registered user base of the site is doubling every month.