Centsports – Your Doorway to the Kingdom of Betting Legally In US

This company was founded in 2007 by Texas A&M graduate Victor Palmer. The company created an avenue for legal online betting in the US. Betting usually consists of a prize, chance and consideration. However, in online betting the accounts are funded with money from Sponsors.

Company sponsored gaming accounts

Companies sponsor the gaming accounts with 10 cents. If the user won, they usually compete in brackets to cash out the winnings. If they lost, they could start over again. The users could bet on a number of events like football, basketball, boxing and auto racing.

Catch the action live

Catch the action live on https://www.centsports.com. But, wait one person can have one account only. You can make money on this site, without investing much.


Documents required on Centsports

You only require to two ID proofs, One photo ID and a Residential proof.

You get to increase your Sport Bucks balance, for each completed offer, product purchases or even watching a video. You get to play avatar and get trophies.

Referrals, that favourite word you were thinking about. You earn 4 cents for every friend. The site will crash without your referrals; you can be sure of that.

The site offers the best customer service in the world. You face an issue; you generate a ticket by chat or posting on them in house forum. There are various cronies or your so-called friends around. Bert “The Hitman” Satski is one of them. A musician does great betting on football games. He is also the best looking of the gang members.  He used to play in college games and has picked up quite a few nuances of the game. Very different from being a musician and really successful at that. He has watched games, long enough and is quite familiar with the knowledge of betting in various modes of the game.