Digital Marketing for Your Company Is the Need of the Day

Go Global, Go Digital. That is the mantra for the day. If you do not have online presence, you are nowhere. The smallest of small businesses need online presence. The brick and mortar store concept is age old.

There are various companies in the market that are trying to tap in to this demand. One of them is wayfx or Way Function. There are pros in the design and development industry in the US. The team makes or breaks accompany. In their case, the team that runs the company is the best.


The team comprises of:

  • Josh Day, who is the Co-founder. He has also written the blog marketing guide.
  • Devin Rajaram, Co-founder and Design Director.
  • Dominic Elci, Co-founder and Code Director.

Apart from the top bosses, the team has talented developers Clark Tomlinson and Kevin Rajaram. Lea Poison is also on their team, a renowned designer. The business advisor is Bob Shinn. So, be rest assured. Your project is in safe hands.

The Companies on their list

The companies on their list are Perfect Keto, The Iron Den, Dormied, Kettle Fire and many more.

You can count on their services. They have a high conversion design, stable and fast codes, unlimited bandwidth and a quick turnaround time. What more could you want? You can visit their website and find out more about them.

They have created great websites, with the best of features. Their creations have got awards as well.  They use latest technologies; platforms used are of high quality, like word press. They use Google analytic for data.

They will deliver nothing but the best. They give the best technology to your business as well as market growth. People will start to know you, if you are with them. They have in-built chat on their website