Overview of the work of Dental Assistants

The main work of dental assistants is to influence the quality of service provided by a dentist and their efficiency in a positive way and improve the condition of the final oral care result. They are the valuable helping hands who form a great team. Hence people who have the urge to take up responsibilities and has good communication skills can take up dental assistant Atlanta GA as their career. The dental assistants must be very efficient in utilizing their hands in their work.

The task of dental assistants is varied and thus the dental assistant courses Atlanta GA include a comprehensive learning and training to strengthen their technical skills as well as interpersonal skills. The responsibilities of the assistants vary from state to state as every state has a different set of rules and regulations. Still, the most likely activities which the dental assistants carry out in the maximum number of states are

  • Helping the dentists in their daily course of treatments
  • Taking a note of the medical history of the new patients
  • Checking and noting down the pulse rate and blood pressure ratings of the patients
  • Carrying out the process of dental x-rays and developing the radiographs
  • Comforting the patients before a treatment and also after their treatment is over
  • Informing the patients about the process of the treatment that they are about to undergo
  • Teaching or spreading awareness about dental and oral hygiene like brushing and flossing, etc.
  • They perform the duty of sterilizing the equipment that the dentists will use in a surgery.
  • Performing the duty of collecting an impression of teeth from the patients in order to conduct a case study

The dental assistant training Atlanta GA includes learning to manage things using computers like communicating with the suppliers and responding to clients, providing bills to patients, scheduling appointments and many more similar things.