Purposes for Taking the Assistance of Lie Detectors

One of theaddition to the list of inventions is the invention of lie detector.It was first invented in 1902 by James McKenzie. It was later on modified by a medical student of California University John Augustus Larson in 1921.Further development gradually took place with the introduction of computer operated machineries.

Polygraph or lie detectors refers to the process of judging the truth underlying the statements of the concerned person. It is calculated by considering the physiological aspects of human bodythat includes pulse, respiration, skin conductivity and blood pressure. The test is conducted by asking a set of questions which proves the truth towards the matter.


These are conducted by licensed polygraphers who through practical mechanisms carry out the process. They are expert and learned staffs efficient in these areas and can be totally relied on. They are trained staffs who records the physiological changes and analyse the responses. The results for such tests are always kept very confidential.

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Purposes for taking the guidance of liedetectors-uk:

  • It is used as a tool of interrogation at government agencies.
  • It is used in public or private sectors to prove the innocence of the suspected candidates.
  • It is even used to resolve domestic disputes.
  • It can be used to check theft or forgery.
  • It can be used to resolve disputes on bribery allegations or false allegations.
  • Even the sports federation uses it to investigate conflicts like betting or doping, among others.