The difficulties faced by a felon

When human morals are concerned, it is quite sad to assume that only a few of them can keep their motives upright, as most of them either bend their principles in order to reach some greedy advantage of some unethical merit. There may be others as well who cross the moral implications beyond the ones admissible by law, and thus are forced to repent for their crimes. Prisons have been constructed for the same purpose, to provide a rehabilitation program for the aforementioned law breakers. The law enforcement authorities call them criminals, but once all the crimes have been paid for by any means of punishment, the tag of criminal is officially lifted up.

But when it comes at the social levels, the evils of discrimination are faced by the felons. Having committed crimes for some reason, either being provoked to do so or not, but they remain criminals in the eyes of the so-called ‘reputed social elements’ of society, who then indulge in crimes of discriminating against others.


Thus, this approach does not allows the felons to meet in public, move with a handful of his friends, and switch to a healthy lifestyle that is reputed as well.

However, these conventional and primitive assumptions have been broken by the liberator who are ready to provide felons with the type of jobs that suits them the most. A variety of jobs for felons could be searched at, where irrespective of jail terms and crimes being committed in the past, but solely on the basis of talent and capabilities opportunities could be met with ease. This gives another chance to the felons to consider living a good life with no sorts of discriminatory comments coming directly to them from society. It is the only place where their repentance is accepted, and a good human being is constructed with peace.