Why You Should Use Small Concentration of BOTOX

Aesthetic treatment is very popular in recent time and dysport atlanta ga is especially known for aesthetic treatment and is being successfully used as a cosmetic procedure to improve wrinkles and facial lines for many years. Dysport is being followed by a new aesthetic treatment after BOTOX, but the latter is still widely used because being very effective for wrinkle removal in a safe manner. Atlanta BOTOX injections are very popular that is used as an alternative to traditional BOTOX treatment. Dysport treatment is also used in place of BOTOX treatment because it the former has less protein and fewer antigens in its formula.

Mechanism of Botox working

There are some facts about the use of BOTOX that must be known to its users. Botox, in general, is a protein derived from the bacterium Clostridium botulinum that is found in natural settings and in the intestinal tract of mammals, in gills of fish, organs of crab, and other shellfish. It is not toxic but at a certain stage, it releases deadly botulinum neurotoxin that affects the nervous system. It is one of the most poisonous substances for humans in high concentrations and can be fatal. Despite its harmful nature, it acts a useful therapeutic protein which is used for the anti-ageing treatment of BOTOX which is in great demand in recent time. Botox injection is used in extremely small concentration because little higher strength may prove to be deadly and paralyze the muscles. How injected botulinum toxin acts? It releases acetylcholine chemical that prevents muscle cells’ contraction to reduce their stiffness that helps to remove facial wrinkles in BOTOX aesthetic treatment.


From above discussion, it is clear that BOTOX is very effective aesthetic treatment till its concentration is precisely because a little excess can be extremely harmful. That’s why only brand BOTOX is recommended for aesthetic treatment. Use of some spurious Botox can have an adverse effect on your body.